About Us

A stalwart of the corporate and gifting arena, we’ve established ourselves as an organisation that is fuelled by the love for our industry and what we do, and founded our operational structure on a long-standing honour for each and every client relationship.

For the better part of ten years, Dax promotions has built a core base of reliable end users and nurtured long standing relationships with the most professional wholesalers and printers in the game.

Over the years, our tradition of expertise is mirrored in every facet of what it is we offer. From corporate clothing personalisation and branding, to products of stylish business associate and employee gifting, we know, and can show we’ve come in leaps and bounds and have become a reputable and primary port-of-call in the corporate gifting industry.

From the very beginning we’ve made sure to use only the finest gifting brands and highest quality materials, and drawing from years of experience, we’ve learnt to bring you products that best reflect your corporate identity.

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We offer an assortment of services to further establish all areas of your gifting and promotional needs:
+ Corporate gifts;
+ Promotional clothing;
+ Embroidery;
+ Screen printing;
+ Laser engraving; and
+ Embossing